"Millennials require different marketing than other generations...Even brands with an older target demographic cannot neglect the Millennial generation, given their size and influence. The sooner that established brands can begin creating a relationship with Millennial consumers - even if by merely starting a dialogue - the better.” ~Jeff Fromm, Marketing To Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever.
Marketing To Millennials Book
Overall I give the book a 3 out of 5. It’s a heavy read with lots of case studies and research which made it wearing to get through. But overall great content.
The author, Jeff Fromm, believes to predict what will be hot tomorrow, you merely need to look to what’s hot with Millennials today. Millennials are the first generation to actively try to encourage older generations to adopt their habits and beliefs. Whether it be persuading their parents to buy an iPhone, sharing new apps, showing them how to use Facebook and Twitter, or teaching how to find the best deals through social media. Millennials are influencing purchasing decisions to the tune of $500 billion each year. For brands to thrive tomorrow, they must master the art of marketing to Millennials. Fromm's insights should help...
10 Millennial Marketing Truths And How To Apply Them 
Truth #1: Millennials are not willing to be passive consumers.
Application: Create a well-rounded engagement strategy that allows these early adopters of new technologies and emerging social tools to actively participate, cocreate and be included in the your brand. It’s not an ask but an expectation from the Millennials.
Truth #2: Millennials are heavily influenced by their peers.
Application: Make them look good among their peers. Build a marketing strategy that inserts Millennials into the conversations as experts. Serve up the opinions of Millennial brand advocates so it’s easy for consumers to see what their friends think.
Truth #3: Millennials are digital natives who fluently speak the digital language.
Application: Speak to them digitally. Find the right platform or combination of platforms (Facebook, blogs, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) for your brand to reach Millennials. Develop a mobile brand strategy to get Millennials to spend more time with your brand wherever they go.
Truth #4: Millennials want to make a positive impact on the world, and they express a willingness to shop with companies that do the same. 
Application: Create innovative products, packaging, and promotional programs that reflect this generation’s quest to do good. Make the message genuine, the process clear and the outcome tangible.
Truth #5: Millennials are actively trying to assimilate other generation into their culture.
Application: Invest in understanding how Millennials are carrying and translating your brand message to adults and be willing to help these conversations along. The Millennial early-adopter nature presents a ripe opportunity for marketers who can reach and build loyalty with these young influencers. 
Truth #6: Millennials hate feeling marketed to.  
Application: Rather than create messages, strive for cultural as well as brand relevance. Content marketing is an effective way to provide engaging content that adds value. Capture Millennial interest with thought provoking and/or humorous content. Then push this content onto relevant platforms where Millennials are voicing their opinions. 
Truth #7: Millennials seek brands that provide a unique experience.
Application: Design a sense of adventure and fun into your brand experience. Make your brand experience more stimulating and satisfying to gain Millennial attention. 
Truth #8: Millennials are already talking about you.
Application: Find those existing conversations, identify your advocates and leverage their affinity. Build a listening and participation strategy that will help you connect with your brand advocates.
Truth #9: Millennials have larger social networks.
Application: Millennials have more “experts” they can turn to for firsthand advice on major purchase decisions. Elevate the voices of standout Millennial experts to generate more awareness and affinity for your brand. Leverage Millennial’s large networks and strong ties by empowering them to participate and engage in the process of building your brand across their networks. 
Truth #10: Millennials have a singular quest: achieving a variety of experiences.
Application: Never cease to converse with Millennials and listen closely to their opinions to ensure you maintain a fresh perspective of what experiences matter most to them. 
It’s a lot to consider, I know. Take 1 truth and discuss with your team, create an action plan, and execute. Then you can come back to this blog post (it isn’t going anywhere because things posted on the Internet never go away) and tackle another truth.
Favorite Quote: “You have to put resources, into growing and shepherding a community. Only after you’ve done this, do you get the fruit that is ROI.”
Question: How will you refine or start marketing to Millennials? 


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