Taco Bell has a solid reputation for having a strong social media presence and for being one of the cleverest brands online.
Here is a screenshot of their latest epic win on Facebook.

Taco Bell branding

This consumer to brand interaction brings to light a few new trends that will be next generation catalysts:
1) The humanization of brands is upon us.
The emerging generations are wanting to connect with brands as they would with their friends. They use brands to amplify their identity. Don't be afraid to initiate or engage with fans/customers in a way that makes your brand seem more tangible.
2) Resurgence of 1 to 1 marketing.
Back in the day, all we had was 1 to 1 marketing. But then billboards, radio and TV made mass marketing possible. Now we are seeing the tides change back to a more intimate and customized 1 to 1 approach. Social media has enabled a new strategy for effective marketing. Consumers have more power than ever before and they are exercising their reign. Make a commitment to genuinely connect with individuals of your online tribe. It just may pay off to the tune of 1,383 likes and numerous blog postings.
3) Be humorous.
Just like a smile is universal across cultures…humor is universal across Millennials. Humor is the great connector for the emerging generations. A majority of online videos that go viral are humorous. Don't take your brand too seriously. The less you genuinely connect, are non-existiant on social networks or seem stiff/rigid/traditional in your responses...the less the digital natives (aka Millennials) will want to engage with your brand. Add value, be humorous and connect sincerely.
Thank you Taco Bell for not only your delicious creations but your outside the bun branding.
Question: How can you begin to humanize your brand (personal or corporate)?


Ryan Jenkins



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