Top 25 Internships According to Generation Z for 2019

Quality of life, career development, compensation, and diversity have made these internships the most prestigious of 2019.

Top 25 Internships According to Generation Z for 2019

Generation Z (those born after 1998) have watched how heavy a burden student debt was--and still is--for Millennials. While in college, Generation Z is eager to pay as they go with 70 percent contributing to their college tuition through a salary earned from a job or internship.

Generation Z are keen to get to work as early as they can. Companies who offer robust internships will be well positioned to attract the next generation of top talent. (Read this to learn eight things companies can do to attract Generation Z.)

With 77 percent of Generation Z preparing for employment through relevant internships, the post-Millennial generation will have their sights on these prestigious internships in 2019.

The 25 Most Prestigious Internships for 2019

  1. Google LLC
  2. Apple Inc.
  3. Microsoft Corporation
  4. Tesla, Inc.
  5. Facebook, Inc.
  6. Goldman Sachs & Co
  7., Inc.
  8. J.P. Morgan
  9. SpaceX
  10. The Walt Disney Company
  11. Nike, Inc.
  12. Morgan Stanley
  13. International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation
  14. Deloitte
  15. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  16. Intel Corporation
  17. Espn, Inc.
  18. Mercedes-Benz Usa, LLC
  19. The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
  20. Spotify USA Inc.
  21. Twitter, Inc.
  22. The Coca-Cola Company
  23. McKinsey & Company
  24. Bloomberg L.P.
  25. Home Box Office, Inc. recently surveyed more than 13,000 current and former interns from more than 400 organizations for the 2019 Vault Most Prestigious Internships. Vault ranks internship programs based on quality of life, career development, compensation and benefits, diversity, and employment prospects.

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