The Fix for Higher Education Is Finally Here

Higher education is broken. The fix is here!

Top Rock University Annoucement

College has gotten far too expensive and employment outcomes for new graduates have deteriorated significantly. Most colleges function similarly to how they did 100 years ago and the country’s $1.5 trillion student loan problem has made clear that college costs are beyond many families reach.

Starting today, high-quality higher education is back within reach. In fact, it’s now in the palm of your hand.
Introducing Top Rock University, a digital university where students can earn a bachelor's degree for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional university all via their smartphone.
Yes, you read that right.
Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration priced at under $6,000 all-in with no fees and 100% digitally.
How is this possible?
We built Top Rock University from the ground up so we didn’t have to follow hundred-year-old traditions and outdated education models. Combining technology with proven learning methods, we have the freedom to focus on one thing…successful student outcomes.  
What Makes Top Rock University Different
Top Rock is a new nonprofit university built to help students get a great job or start a business.
Top Benefits of Top Rock
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Complete real-world projects
  • Gain relevant, in-demand skills
  • Graduate with no debt
  • Create a portfolio proving real skills
  • 100% tuition back guarantee
  • Graduate in months, not years
  • Pause courses anytime without dropping out 
  • And so much more
Who Is Top Rock University For
Top Rock is the fastest and most affordable way to decide if you’re interested in business. Students graduate with the most popular degree in America, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which offers a wide range of career paths including sales, marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship to name a few.
Top Rock is for people who…
  • Want to get a great job.
  • Want to start a business.
  • Want to grow an existing business.
Top Rock is NOT for people who…
  • Want a business career in finance, accounting, economics, or other fields that require advanced credentials.
  • Want to work for the government or academic institutions that require an accredited or post-graduate degree.
    • Keep in mind more and more companies such as Apple, IBM, SAP, and Google don’t require degrees.
Learn more about who is a fit for Top Rock here.
What’s My Role at Top Rock University
I am honored to be serving as the President of Top Rock University.
For over 8 years, I’ve helped (and will continue to help) companies engage next-generation workers and prepare for the future of work. Now, in addition, I’ll be helping a university engage next-generation students.
I've studied and experienced first hand the new expectations and demand the next generation has for higher education. Top Rock is the much needed bold step forward that will pave the way for future generations to redefine education.
How to Apply
Apply today for free in 20 minutes at Enrollment is limited so apply (or share this with someone) soon!
Affordable, practical, and innovative higher education is finally here. And that Rocks!

As a condition of operating in Hawaii, Top Rock is required to include the following disclaimer: NOT ACCREDITED BY AN AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE U.S. SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.


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