How Our Hidden Behaviors Are Becoming the Most Valuable Commodity with Thomas Koulopoulos

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #088.

How Our Hidden Behaviors Are Becoming the Most Valuable Commodity with Thomas Koulopoulos

Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker and author, Ryan Jenkins,  welcomes Thomas Koulopoulos, Speaker and Author of Revealing the Invisible, to the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast. 


The topic discussed is how our hidden behaviors are becoming the most valuable commodity of the 21st century. We also cover...  

  • How the ability to track every behavior will predict our individual and collective futures
  • Emerging technology trends
  • How every person and digital device will have its own cyberself
  • Recommendations for people to reveal/share their hidden behaviors
  • How Generation Z approaches new technology
  • And more...

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Ryan Jenkins



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