How Generation Z Can Productively Use Social Media at Work

Here are seven ways Generation Z can productively and strategically use social media at work. 

How Generation Z Can Productively Use Social Media at Work

Restricting social media at work is unrealistic in a world dominated by mobile devices and social networks, and it can actually hinder the productivity of Generation Z. Generation Z is the post-Millennial generation born after 1998 who can't remember a world post social media. 

Seventy-seven percent of Generation Z rely on technology to help them accomplish personal and professional goals. Encourage your mobile-first and social-savvy Generation Z employees to use social media more strategically and effectively at work.

7 Ways Generation Z Can Best Use Social Media in the Workplace 

  1. Get help
    Use social media to get input on a project or product. Connect with an expert or thought leader who can weigh in on an issue. Or consider leveraging tools like Survey Monkey or Twitter Polls to get help, feedback, or answers to a question via social media.

  2. Collaborate with colleagues
    Collaboration technologies like Slack, Yammer, or Google Drive are tools that Millennials are familiar with and can leverage to increase productivity, streamline messaging, share documents, and more.

  3. Search for talent
    Use social media (specifically LinkedIn) to find freelancers, experts, contractors, or job candidates.

  4. Listen to customers 
    Use social media to actively listen to what potential or current customers are saying about your product, industry, or competitors.

  5. Connect with customers
    Communicate with customers in real time across multiple social networks about new promotions, exclusive offers, new store openings, or updated product features.

  6. Promote events or products
    Company announcements, events, or products can be promoted (externally or internally) via social media.

  7. Receive real-time feedback
    Receiving feedback from in-person small groups, at a trade show, or other public settings can be tedious, time-consuming, and costly. Social media offers a simpler and more real-time way to receive feedback and gauge customer interest while the product or service is still in progress.

As a Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker and trainer, I help companies lead, engage, and sell to the emerging generations. If you'd like help solving tough generational challenges inside your organization, click here.



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