Envisioning the Future of Work and Life with Anton Andrews

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #090.

NGC 090 - Envisioning the Future of Work and Life with Anton Andrews

Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker and author, Ryan Jenkins,  welcomes Anton Andrews, Director, Office Envisioning at Microsoft, to the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast. 


The topic discussed is envisioning the future of work and life. We also cover...  

  • Microsoft's experimental futuristic work and life concept space
  • Why innovation is now a survival issue
  • How organizations can utilize their organizations as human networks
  • Why knowledge flow should be fast, transparent and participatory
  • How technology (like A.I.) help workers to better control their focus
  • Why learning is so critical and how Microsoft has cultivated a culture of a "discoverers mindset"
  • And more...

Episode Shownotes:

  • Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that is now available to Office 365 customers in 181 markets and 44 languages. Teams brings together messaging, meetings, video conferencing, and document collaboration.
  • MyAnalytics is a personal fitness tracker for work. It summarizes how you spend your time at work, then suggests ways to work smarter – from cutting unproductive meeting time to getting better work/life balance.
  • Workplace Analytics leverages behavioral data in Office 365 for better business decisions, resulting in measurable improvements to productivity and employee engagement.
  • Live & On-Demand Events allow anyone in your organization to create live and on-demand events in Microsoft 365 with Stream, Teams and Yammer. Events can be viewed in real time or on-demand, with high-definition (HD) video and interactive discussion

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Full disclosure: Microsoft paid my way to attend The New York Times New Work Summit, a conference about the future of work. They did not pay me to write this post.


Ryan Jenkins



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