4 Interview Tips to Secure Better Millennial Talent

Secure better Millennial talent by using these tips next time you interview a potential candidate.

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Because Millennials are a different breed of employee, there are specific obstacles that can trip up even the most seasoned interviewer.

4 Interview Tips to Secure Better Millennial Talent

1. Don't oversell.
It's critical that the job, perks, and company culture match what was explained throughout the interviewing process. If they don't match, a Millennial will experience buyer's remorse and find another job before you have time to correct the misstep.

2. Expect feedback.
Being new to interviewing and having a desire for feedback, Millennials are likely to follow up, asking for feedback on their interview performance. If you decide to give feedback, make it clear, genuine, and constructive. Then observe the next interviews to see if the candidate improves or takes the advice.

3. Overcome biases.
Many organizations' efforts to create greater diversity are falling short due to unconscious bias.

Unconscious biases happen automatically and are triggered by our brain, making a quick decision. They are biases that we are unaware of and happen outside of our control. Unconscious bias may be preventing you from hiring the best person.

Consider these tools to eliminate unconscious bias from the interview process.

  • GapJumpers is a technology platform for employers to conduct blind auditions in hiring.
  • Interviewing.io is for anonymous interviewing that helps companies hire engineers based on what they can do, not how they look on paper.
  • Blendoor is a "blind" recruiting app that facilitates job matching based on merit, not molds.

4. Prioritize transparency.
Millennial candidates can connect with past employees online, review a company's reputation via Glassdoor, or double-check an employer's facts and answers. It's natural for Millennials to want employers to be as transparent as the culture in which they grew up.

A lack of company transparency (especially during the interviewing process) will cause Millennials to view the organization as unapproachable, dishonest, and difficult to work with.

Other Tips for Interviewing Millennials

The goal of interview questions is to elicit information not found on candidates' resumes and that will inform about their fit for the role. Here are a few general interview tips.

  • Ask open-ended questions that elicit an informative response. Do not ask leading or closed-ended ("yes or no") questions.
  • Behavioral and performance-based questions are ideal because they encourage the candidate to share past performance and behavior, which can be a good indicator of future performance.
  • Hiring managers should only talk about 30 percent of the time (or less).
  • In general, ask about past experiences and performances, explore candidates' short- and long-term career goals, and discuss their preferences for leadership.
  • Ask each candidate the same questions. This allows for consistency in the interview process and ensures a proper basis to compare candidates.

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