How Generation Z Will Transform the Workplace with David and Jonah Stillman [Podcast]

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #046.

How Generation Z Will Transform the Workplace with David and Jonah Stillman [Podcast]

Episode Overview

In this episode of the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast, we interview the authors of the upcoming book Gen Z @ Work: How the Next Generation Is Transforming the Workplace, David Stillman and his son, Jonah Stillman.

Episode Takeaways

  • Who is Generation Z and what are some of the defining characteristics of this generation.
  • Why is it important that organizations and leaders begin thinking about Generation Z.
  • What will the Generation Z worker look like and what will they be looking for in a workplace and organization.
  • How will Generation Z specifically transform the workplace.
  • What will motivate Generation Z at work.
  • How is Generation Z different from and similar to Millennials.
  • How will Generation Z prefer to be led.
  • How are companies adapting and preparing for Generation Z.
  • How is education being disrupted by Generation Z.

Episode Resources

Question: How do you think Generation Z will change the workplace?

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