It isn’t just start-ups that are taking advantage of the millennial knack for tech. Giants like Google and Facebook direct a large portion of their recruiting efforts towards getting first picks on fresh grad talent.

Industries Heavily Focused On Hiring Millennials
With a lot of positive attention coming their way, it’s not surprising that in addition to “hip” work cultures, “blue chip” companies are increasingly considering them as a valuable asset. The tired and true are turning to the young and new to replace the Boomers soon to retire en masse.

Online Lending and Finance
Quicken Loans boasts that 55 percent of their current staff is made up of Millennials. Growing up in a global economy, millennials have more conceptual experience than the older team members. This gives them a wider financial perspective, the ability to work with multiple cultures, and an interest in seeing other countries.

Oil and Gas Industries
Many employees who start in the oil and gas industries stay for a long period of time, the result is an aged workforce. New trends in shale production and other methods of energy generation calls for a younger workforce with fresh ideas. As improvements in technology continue to happen in these fields, Millennials can be enticed by opportunities that can help them make a difference by joining a favorite cause and leveraging technology in positive ways.

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High-Tech Manufacturing
Today’s sophisticated manufacturing plants rely on 3-D printing, state-of-the-art design skills, and computer expertise to create new products. With the aptitude to work with new concepts it’s no surprise that this industry is looking for the high level of creativity and the ability to program just about anything.

Question: What other industries are focused on hiring Millennials?

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