In a video created by Hilton Worldwide, various social innovators and business leaders at this year’s Social Innovation Summit came together to answer the question: How is the Millennial generation changing companies as employees, consumers, and entrepreneurs? See their responses in the video below.

What stands out to me in this video are a few things…

  • Millennials are significance seekers. They seek meaning in life, work, and brands. They will seek purpose and impact outside of government and the non-profit arena. Communicating the “why” behind teams and tasks has never been more important to attract and retain young employees and consumers.

  • Millennials trust transparency. They want something more than “transactional relationships." Growing up in a transparent world means they expect their leaders, brands, and employers to be transparent at every turn. If you lack authenticity…they’ll be transparent and tell you.


  • Millennials hate hierarchy. You may say this is entitlement. I say this is the future. They thrive on hacking their own life for increased efficiency so of course Millennials will question authority and existing processes in an effort to hack for the better. Flatter organizations win in a highly innovative and competitive 21st century. Just ask Zappos who is shedding hierarchy.


  • Millennials are change catalysts. Their digital savvy and purpose driven ways are forcing “the rest of us to keep up with them.” Millennials are challenging the ways in which we communicate and collaborate in the workplace.


  • Millennials have an innovation inclination. They want companies to be “run by good ideas.” And they want those ideas to be sparked by anyone from anywhere at anytime. Make good ideas reign.

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Many companies today are finding that their Millennial employees are anything but lazy and apathetic. As the workplace says hello to more Millennials, we will say goodbye to the traditional corporate landscape.

Question: How has your workplace changed due to an influx of Millennials?


Ryan Jenkins



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