Today’s technology terrain is uncharted. We are on foreign soil without a map. It’s frightening and frustrating but it’s the new daily reality. There is no map for the future, the trails have yet to be blaze, the landmarks yet to be sketched, and the pitfalls yet to be identified. Only what we know to be true of the past can be mapped. 

Wage War Against Fear

At the dawn of each new day, we are conflicted about the advantages and disadvantages of technology. We are paralyzed by fear of what the future will hold, what it may require of us and if we will have what it takes to slay the beast to feed our families. This doubt and fear sparks a choice, retreat or advance? Will you retreat to the comforts of the familiar or will you advance and forge new skills to help you bridge the icy waters of generational differences, traverse the snowy peaks of social media and climb from the deep valleys of technology.

For many who have decades of experience in foreign territory find it natural to cling to what’s worked in the past and rely on what’s got them here. However, today they face terrain that is steeper and less forgiving than ever before. It’s a land plentiful with connected devices, changing communications, and endless networks. They are fearful of the time and energy it will take to surmount another mountain, especially one that’s shrouded in such mystery. 

Others were born unto this new terrain with an optimistic view of what could be beyond the valleys. They have an affinity for the shifting landscapes and welcome the steeper climbs ahead. They are on a quest to find new lands with seamless connectivity and boundless resources where they can engage and build. They cling to technology as it will be the sword that carves their future.  

These conflicting perspectives are what’s driving massive wedges between the established and emerging generations. A wedge that impedes exploration, progress, and the forging of a new map. Exploration is impeded by fear of the unknown. Weary travelers are quick to label and point to technology and generations as the culprit that’s crippling what "once was." But the labels and blame do nothing to further the goal of positive change. We must remember, it’s always been a best practice to look to the youth for innovation and to leverage their optimism for needed change.

However, to successfully chart the uncharted, we must band together. We must be fully aware of our unique strengths and empower each other. No matter your experience, there is a role for you in charting tomorrow’s success. Dismiss the fear and step into your calling. Every epic new adventure needs the guidance of these three heroes.

    •      Sage: provides overarching wisdom that serves as a teacher. 
    •      Sherpa: provides tactical and relevant advice that serves as a guide. 
    •      Soldier: provides current skills, fresh perspectives, and courage that serves as a trailblazer.

Wage war against fear and crusade into the unknown by harnessing the power of this trinity. Forge new paths with boundless wisdom. Discover new lands with strategic guidance. And attack obstacles with tremendous courage.

Adventure on my friend.

Question: In what areas do you need to chart new territory? 


Ryan Jenkins



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