Happy new year! I hope you are as amped as I am about the possibilities and opportunities that 2014 will bring. What epic feat will you conquer this year?
2014 Millennial & Boomer Resolutions
It’s interesting how much a persons new year's resolution can say about what they value, their phase of life and perspective of the world. I find it fascinating how similar and yet how different the yearly priorities can be across generations. In many aspects, the resolutions of the emerging generations can be fulfilled by the older generations and vice versa. Perhaps it would behoove all of us to work more collaboratively to fill in the gaps to make 2014 the best year yet. Everyone, no matter your age, has value but it’s up to us to mine it. I hope you enjoy a few of the tongue and cheek and the said and un-said resolutions of 2014.
27 Insightful New Year Resolutions Contrasted Between Millennials and Boomers
Millennials:                                             Boomers:
1) Invent a new career.                                Prevent a new career.
2) Make a buck.                                            Save a buck.
3) Move out of the basement.                    Clear out the basement.
4) Establish work/life flexibility.              Establish work/life flexibility.
5) Text grandma more.                               Text more as a grandma.
6) Consistent blogging.                               Commence blogging.
7) Jump-off Facebook.                                Kick-off a Facebook account.
8) Find time to SnapChat.                          Find time to sit and chat.
9) Use employer as a stepping stone.       Use employer as a cornerstone.
10) Travel more.                                            Travel more.
11) Pick up an advanced degree.                Pick up the bill for an advanced degree.
12) Create apps.                                             Use apps.
13) Master the selfie.                                    Master self.
14) Have kids.                                                Have grandkids.
15) Kickstarter a campaign.                        Kick-start a personal brand.
16) Hone communication skills.                Teach communication skills.
17) Find a mentor.                                         Be a mentor.
18) Increase Instagram followers.              Increase LinkedIn connections.
19) Spark a revolution.                                 Spark a re-invention.
20) Gain expertise.                                        Share expertise.
21) Be boss.                                                     Be the boss.
22) Be an intrapreneur.                               Be an entrepreneur.
23) Twerk less.                                               Tweet more.
24) Share everything.                                   Secure everything.
25) Buy a home.                                             Own a home.
26) Leverage social media.                          Learn social media.
27) Do work that matters.                            Do work that matters.
Cheers to you and your success in 2014!
Question: What’s your new year resolution? 


Ryan Jenkins



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