We all create. Every person creates in one shape, form or fashion. Some people are more creative than others but at the end of the day we all create.
Multiple Ideas of Creativity
Some of us create tangible pieces of art, others create ideas, others create opportunities, others create healthy work environments and others create motivation in people. No matter how you slice it, humans create. But how do you consistently create over and over and over again? This is an important skill to harness as we move into a new age where creativity is valued more than ever before.
I'd think you agree with me that there is no such thing as an original thought. All breakthroughs and new ideas occur from building upon existing concepts or ideas. The output may be something new but the input consisted of existing patterns, concepts or ideas.
I create the most here - on my blog. In fact, I am 7 posts away from the 100th blog post! (Still brainstorming how to make it epic for my readers…stay tuned.) As I reflect over 1 year of blogging and my last 93 blog posts, I discovered the #1 key trait to being a creative monster.
To consistently create outputs, one must have consistent…input. Input is the #1 key to constantly creating content. The times I struggle to create content are the times life gets in the way (new puppy, jury duty, travel, etc.) and I fail to routinely have input. Unsteady input = Unsteady output. Input has been my catalyst.
For a river to constantly flow, it must have a replenishing source. What is your replenishing source of input?
To create better plays, input more game film.
To create revolutionary art, input cutting edge art.
To create impactful writings, input more award winning writing.
To create cohesive work teams, input more management strategies.
To create new ideas, input new thoughts from blogs, conferences or podcasts.
And don't give me that "I don't have the time" excuse because with today's tools you can squeeze more input in the cracks of life (waiting in lines, on the toliet, commuting to work, etc.) than ever before.
Create steady input to generate steady output...and forge on.
Question: How do you cultivate creativity? 


Ryan Jenkins



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