"Having 2 identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity. The level of transparency the world has now won't support having 2 identities for a person." ~Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and Chief Executive of Facebook.
Embracing One's Super-self
Do you agree with Zucks?
Todd Silverstein, Vizify's CEO and Co-Founder, says it this way, "The walls between your professional and personal identity are crumbling, if not already gone."
These quotes and the concept of blending our work/life identities remind me of just about every superhero movie ever made. Every superhero whether it's Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Kick-A** or Ironman battle with 2 identities, their secret identity and their super-self. In every case, the superhero is more comfortable, fearless, impactful and awesome as their super-self.
Millennials want to bring more of who they are to work. And who wouldn't!? If the Marvel and DC Comics movies have taught me anything it's that keeping up a professional (aka secret) identify while suppressing one's true calling is unproductive, exhausting and un-heroic. Stop depriving the world of your unique contribution. Embrace it.
Haven't we given enough lip service to "play to your strengths?" Isn't it time leaders execute on that promise and liberate their team to infuse their talents into work that matters. Create flexible work cultures that encourage people to unleash their super-selves. Cut the red tape, challenge the legacy thinking of what a workplace should be, empower your team and see what super results your unleashed team can achieve. If you choose not to, don't be surprised when you experience a creativity and energy leak when your young team finds ways to contribute, create and save the world outside of work.
If you are 2 different people at work and outside of work…you are lying to 1 set of people and denying another set of your super self, strengths and spirit. Time to say goodnight to your duel identities and embrace your heroic soul. Stop lying. Start living.
Up, up and away!
Question: What are some telling signs when you or others aren't being true to their super-self?


Ryan Jenkins



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