What type of Facebook posts do you comment on or share the most? Long paragraphs? Short text? Check-in notifications? Photos? Or video?
Use Recite Or Else
If you're anything like my Millennial peers you are engaging most with photos and videos. Visuals are dominating how we consume Internet content. Visuals tell a story that the best of text can never communicate. So the next time you are trying to make a point or grab attention online, try this tool to boost engagement...
ReciteThis allows you to take a quote and turn it into a poster-like image. In an instant, ReciteThis can turn your favorite quotation or message into a epic work of art. The tool is a bit limiting but that's the point. It does the hard work (design, formatting, color, etc) so you can create appealing visuals like a pro in no time at all. You'll have to get over the fact that the Recite bubble logo appears on your image but it's a small price to pay for free images that grab attention.
How It Works:
  1. Visit http://recitethis.com.
  2. Type your message.
  3. Choose an image.
  4. Click "Create."
  5. Share it. (Download the image, email it or post to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or StumbleUpon)
Ways To Use It:
  • Promote a product, event, blog post or service.
  • Create a stunning visual for your next presentation.
  • Inspire your social networks with a stunning image.
  • Spice up an email with your masterpiece.
I used ReciteThis to promote my education session at the 2013 Toastmasters International Convention across multiple social platforms and I was thrilled with the response and engagement.
I believe that design and creativity will become dominant skills in the near future. I hope ReciteThis can be a design/creative catalyst for your brand.
Go captivate.
Question: What else is catching your attention online these days?


Ryan Jenkins



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