This is the sequel to the original Part 1 post. Although some of these are written tongue-in-cheek, hopefully all of the below provide some helpful context around the baffling Millennials. Context that will help you lead, identify with, or better market to this emerging generation. And for us Millennials…enjoy these throwbacks.
You Might Be A Millennial If
You Might Be A Millennial If...

  1. You use Twitter for breaking news.
  2. You are panicking over the Yahoo purchase of Tumblr.
  3. You refer to the pound sign (#) on your phone as a hashtag.
  4. You've never experienced the thrill of putting on shoes to go "rent a movie at Blockbuster."
  5. You associate "app" with a tool on your smartphone rather than Outback Steakhouse's Awesome Blossom.
  6. The question is not "if" but "where" is your tattoo.
  7. You experience the phantom phone syndrome…every hour.
  8. You wore a T-shirt that read "All That."
  9. The earliest event you remember seeing on TV was The Challenger space shuttle explosion.
  10. You use Wikipedia as a primary source.
  11. You can recite the Saved By The Bell theme song right now.
  12. You have (or continue to wear) a slap bracelet.
  13. You've taken a selfie…already once today.
  14. Your career goal is to be an entrepreneur that works from home.
  15. You consider voicemails to be evil.
  16. You have already liked this post.
  17. The TSA has always been "handsy."
  18. The only phone number you know by heart is your own.
  19. Your hand cramps instantly when handwriting a note.
  20. You never carry any sort of writing utensil.
  21. You have never cut a coupon.
  22. You game everyday.
  23. You are anti-gluten but don't know why.
  24. You never knew textbooks to be heavy. #Tablets
  25. You've had a QuaterLife Crisis.
  26. You use earbuds as your "do not disturb" sign at work.
  27. You Instagram anything that is edible.
  28. You consider Facebook as "so yesterday."
  29. You text the person standing next to you.
  30. You attribute your love for pizza to the TMNT.
Question: What Millennial-isms would you add to this list?


Ryan Jenkins



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