How far away do you think we are from 100% digital resumes? How much longer will job applicants be confined to a measly 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper to tell their story? In today's digital world, the social web has the power to better communicate our true passions and talents than the one dimensional, unassuming blank canvas of a physical resume. 
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After all, a resume does not allow you to showcase the digital beauty of a website you built. Or feature the thought-provoking discussions you've created on your blog. Or highlight the unique YouTube short film you created in your spare time. Or share the success of your KickStarter campaign. Or display how much reach and impact your Vine account has.
I still think we are years away from 100% digital resumes but the reality is becoming more tangible with tools like Vizify. Vzify is a free service that helps you transform all those interesting impressions you make online into one definitive, multidimensional, graphical biography. Vizify's mission is to make you look good online by wrapping up your resume and social media activity into a personalized site that's a snap to provide to recruiters. The blending of one's personal and professional lives is the new norm.
The next generation of social media tools are going to be those that successfully aggregate all of our online activity (look to RebelMouse as an example). While RebelMouse is a constant flow of your aggregated social media activity, Vizify pulls your data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare then allows you to customize (show and hide) the best of you online.
Big data is a big buzz word these days. As long as more and more people publish data online and their privacy thresholds continue to dwindle (as the Millennials continue to demonstrate), there will be tremendous value in services like Vizify that tell a story about who you are. Vizify does a beautiful job leveraging your existing photos, check-ins, most influential tweets and keywords, activities, locations and education/career specs to tell the more accurate and engaging story of who you are than a sheet of paper could ever do.
Could your business or team begin to require that your applicants sign-up for Vizify? It would need to be all or nothing so that each applicant would have the same basis for evaluation.
If you were asked to sign-up for Vizify, what story would it tell?
For your reference, here is my Vizify.
Question: What are the pros & cons of digital resumes?


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