By now you've probably heard about and/or used the top social networking app, Vine. Twitter launched the new app on Thursday Jan 24th. Vine lets you share 6 second video clips. News stations, celebrities and thought leaders have instantly pounced on this game-changing tool.
Click the pics below to see my first Vine video attempts...
Vine Video #1
Vine Video #2
Overall I rate this app an 9 out of 10.
Cost: Free
The app is available for iOS only and can be downloaded here.
Why It's a Next Generation Catalyst:
  • Twitter exploded due to the 140 character limit and created microblogging. Vine will explode due to its 6 second limit and will create a new niche of micro-vlogging (video blogging)
  • Video is a strong medium, its easy to consume especially if it's only 6 seconds. (It will surprise you how much visual information you can pack into 6 seconds)
  • As the web gets noisier you must be concise with your messages. Vine (like Twitter) will force us to be more and more concise with our visual communications.
  • Use the mega success of Vine to teach you about how the next generations prefer to communicate, collaborate and create.
  • This will ride on the creative curtails of Pinterest and Instagram. Picture and video sharing apps will continue to dominate. 
  • It's über easy to use and it's mobile so it's easy to get hooked and integrate into our lives. 
How to Get Started:
  • Download the app.
  • Sign-in using a Twitter or email account.
  • Choose profile photo, create password and finish profile.
  • Begin exploring other users to follow. You have the option of syncing your address book or Twitter followers.
  • Film videos by simply holding your finger on the screen to start and lifting your finger to stop.
  • Share videos with the world on Vine and/or Twitter. Facebook has pulled the option of sharing directly on their platform.
Other Fun Resources:
Just Vined displays a collage of Vine's latest videos.
Vinepeek aggregates Vine videos in real time and displays 6 second snippets of the world's everyday life. WARNING: Site is highly addictive.
Gary Vaynerchuk (social media guru) is planning to resurge his wine show on Vine and/or do a Vine news show.
Bottomline: Vine is a stunning way to see and share life in motion...that will challenge traditional ways of communicating. Try it today.
Question: How will this change the way we communicate via video?


Ryan Jenkins



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