20 Insights for Effectively Marketing to Generation Z

How Generation Z uses technology, social media, and what Generation Z wants from the workplace are different than previous generations. So it should come as no surprise that how Generation Z wants to be marketed to and how they want to make purchases will also be different.
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Generation Z is already financially empowered. In fact, 81 percent of Generation Z are making purchases on their own. In addition, 93 percent of parents say their Generation Z kids have at least some influence on their family’s spending and household purchases. Whether or not you're marketing directly to Generation Z, they have a powerful direct and indirect influence on buying decisions which makes them an important demographic to begin understanding. 
20 Insights for Effectively Marketing to Generation Z
Media and Advertising
Generation Z is the most ad-averse, video-centric, and YouTube-influenced generation to date.
  • 83 percent of Generation Z are familiar with the term “fake news” and 62 percent ignore the news that they think is fake.
  • 82 percent of Generation Z in Netflix-only homes don't know what commercials are and 38 percent in regulr television homes don't know what commercials are.
  • 82 percent of Generation Z would skip or avoid ads (versus 65 percent of Millennials). 
  • The top four jobs 6-17-year-old Generation Zers want are: “YouTuber” (blogger/vlogger), musician/singer, actor, and filmmaker. This is a clear reflection of the media that influences this generation.
Social Media
Generation Z is influenced by peers, innovative platforms, and social media influencers.

Connected Buyers
Generation Z wants a mobile and secure online experience that supplements their offline experience.
Buying Preferences
Generation Z’s leading spending categories are experiences, food, and athleisure.

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