Understanding the Consumer Behavior of Millennials and Generation Z with Michael Solomon

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #069.

Understanding the Consumer Behavior of Millennials and Generation Z with Michael Solomon

Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker and author, Ryan Jenkins,  welcomes Michael Solomon, expert on consumer behavior, keynote speaker, and professor of marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, to the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast. Michael is also the author of Markerters, Tear Down These Walls!: Liberating the Postmodern Consumer.

The topic discussed is understanding the consumer behavior of Millennials and Generation Z. We also cover...  

  • Marketing assumptions that are obsolete
  • How Millennials and Generation Z make buying decisions
  • Frequent mistakes brands make when marketing to Millennials and Generation Z
  • How brands can win with Generation Z beyond social media
  • Why authenticity is so important when marketing to Millennials and Generation Z
  • And more...

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