This is How Generation Z Will Communicate at Work

How will the generation who grew up with Twitter, texting, and want to communicate at work? The answer will surprise you.

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I normally help companies and seasoned leaders better lead, engage, and sell to Millennials and Generation Z, but recently I had the privilege of speaking to three hundred Generation Zers. I was speaking to a roomful of first-year college students about becoming 21st-century-ready professionals.

During my presentations I use live polling where audiences can use their mobile devices to answer polls and the results appear in real-time on my slides. Generation Z being the mobile mavens they are, instinctively interacted with the polls. 

Here is how Generation Z responded to what communication method they will prefer at work.


Millennials pioneered many of the digital communication tools (texting, instant messaging, Slack, etc.) that have made the workplace more efficient and effective but some would argue less personable. 

Generation Z has taken note and is hungry for more face-to-face communication. They are going to explore more in-person face-to-face communications and/or virtual face-to-face communications using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. where full sight, sound, and motion can enhance their communications at work.  

Generation Z will continue to dip in and out of the five social channels they use everyday but they will also welcome the chance to communicate face-to-face.  

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Ryan Jenkins



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