The World’s First Book to Address Workplace Loneliness

94% of leaders say that their teams are growing lonelier. Leaders can sense the escalating loneliness among their teams, but they haven’t had a resource for how to handle it. 

Until now.

Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams From Isolated to All In is the world’s first book to address loneliness at work. Click here to pre-order today and claim exclusive bonuses!

Over the last 2 years, we surveyed over 2,000 global employees and leaders about their experience with loneliness at work. We interviewed over 50 global leaders about how they lessen loneliness and boost belonging inside their organizations. And we’ve worked alongside hundreds of the world’s leading organizations such as The Home Depot, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Kaiser Permanente to strengthen belonging across their workforces whether they are in-person, remote, or hybrid. Combining this firsthand workplace loneliness research and a decade of leadership speaking and consulting, we’ve distilled it all into this book.

Through inspiring stories, eye-opening statistics, and practical steps you’ll gain...

  1. An awareness of loneliness, the modern causes, and its impact on business.
  2. The ability to identify workers in need of belonging and how to deliver it for them.
  3. And the 4-step Less Loneliness Framework™ to create connected, driven, and high-performing teams. 

In Connectable you’ll also discover what ATMs, cocaine, Red Sox fans, yogurt, sea lions, and time travel have to do with moving teams from isolated to all in.

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When you pre-order today you will unlock $627 worth of bonuses...

  • 4-Part Video Series: The 4 Biggest Contributors of Workplace Loneliness and How to Overcome Them ($99 value)
  • Exclusive recording of the Connectable live presentation ($499 value)
  • The Loneliness Self-Assessment and Reduction Guide ($19 value)
  • 10 Signs of a Lonely Workforce Checklist ($10 value)
  • Donation in your honor to the charitable organization, Active Minds @ Work, that improves the culture of mental health in high-performing environments.

Together we'll make 2022 the year loneliness loses its stranglehold on the 72% of workers who experience it monthly.

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Ryan Jenkins



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