10 Amusing Illustrations That Will Get You to Rethink Loneliness & Isolation

For too long, loneliness has been a hidden and shameful topic. It’s time that changes. Especially since 55% of global workers state they experience loneliness at least weekly. Loneliness is a universal human condition that affects us all and thus should be openly discussed.

Loneliness isn’t shameful, it’s a signal. Much like hunger is a signal to eat. Loneliness is our biological signal to seek connections. From our book, Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams From Isolated to All In, here are some lighthearted illustrations geared to begin normalizing the conversation around loneliness.

Cycle of Loneliness copy


How to Satisfy a Human Need copy


Endless Cycle of Tech Immersion copy

How Your Brain Registers Pain and Loneliness copy
Isolation Causes Social Craving copy
Social psychology of helping others copy
The Contagious Cycle of Loneliness copy
The Severe Spiral of Loneliness copy
Together Animals Accomplish More copy
Why Humans Are Dominate Species copy
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