The Future of Learning and Development Podcast Is Here!

Introducing The Future of Learning and Development Podcast, where today’s most innovative L&D leaders help you develop your team and yourself for the future of work.
The Future of Learning and Development Podcast preseted by Sync Learning Experiences
Around the globe, L&D is becoming the lynchpin in companies efforts to attract, retain, and develop their most important asset, people. 
Learning has never been more crucial (and in need of transformation) that it is today. With this in mind, my team at Sync Learning Experiences has created this brand new podcast to positively advance the L&D field and equip today’s professionals with an edge on what the future holds.
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Podcast Topics
  • Keys for creating robust learning experiences
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning
  • How L&D is evolving
  • Attract and retain future talent with L&D
  • Secrets to unlocking human potential at work
  • Trends impacting the future of L&D
  • Inside looks into the learning experiences at today’s most innovative companies
  • And much more...
Podcast Audience
  • Organizational leaders in learning and development that are interested in the future of L&D. As well as, individuals interested in personal growth and the future or work.
Podcast Guests
  • Molly Nagler, Chief Learning Officer at PepsiCo
  • Michael Fenlon, Chief People Officer at PwC
  • Tim Munden, Chief Learning Officer at Unilever
  • Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer at ServiceNow
  • Noah Rabinowitz, Chief Learning Officer at Intel
  • Marissa Andrada, Chief People Officer at Chipotle
  • And many more...
Podcast Hosts
  • Myself (Ryan Jenkins) and Steve Van Cohen, the co-founders of SyncLXBetween Steve and I, we have over 15 years of successfully training hundreds of thousands of learners all around the world. We lean into our robust L&D experience to draw out the best and most forward-thinking insights from today’s top L&D leaders.
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