How to become a "best workplace" for Millennials with marlene Velez [Podcast]

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #055.

NGC #055_ How to Become A Best Workplace for Millennials with Marlene Velez [Podcast].pngMillennial and Generation Z keynote speaker and author, Ryan Jenkins,  welcomes Marlene Velez, Chief People & Culture Officer at Power Design Inc. (an Inc. 2017 Best Workplace), to the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast.

The topic discussed is how organizations can transform their culture to become a best workplace for Millennials. We also cover...  

  • What do Millennials look for in a workplace
  • How to attract Millennials into the trade industry
  • Why learning and development is critical to attracting Millennials
  • Why culture is critical to attracting Millennials
  • The importance of employee experiences 
  • How to deliver exceptional employee experiences
  • And more...

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