Here Are the 10 Employers Most Admired by Millennials

Apparel, tech, and automotive all made the list for industries that Millennials want to work in.

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According to Morning Consult, Google and Walt Disney are the top two companies Millennials want to work for. Morning Consult asked over 22,000 American adults between January and May if they would be proud to work for certain companies.

The results were different across generations, gender, education, and political leanings. However, Google took the top spot across nearly every demographic and Amazon, Walt Disney, and Apple weren't far behind.

Here are the companies that U.S. Millennials want to work for most.

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According to the report, "Google Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., YouTube, and Netflix Inc. were some of the most widely admired companies among respondents age 18 to 34. Older adults held more positive views about legacy companies such as Harley-Davidson Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp., Boeing Co., and John Deere (Deere & Co.)."

Morning Consult also found, "Millennials have a reputation for caring about a company's social impact, separate Morning Consult polling shows they care just as much about salary, benefits, and job stability as other generations of workers. Twenty-three percent of Millennials rated job stability as the most important factor after salary when considering a potential employer, and 22 percent said the same about benefits such as health insurance and a 401(k), in line with figures for other generations."


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