Announcing Ryan's 2020 Virtual Speaker Demo Video

Excited to share my new 2min virtual speaker demo video. 

The challenging circumstances hasn't stopped us from sharing relevant, results-driven, and memorable content for our clients.

While I'm eager (and ready) to get back to in-person engagements, my audiences are continuing to find virtual presentations just as engaging and informative.

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Most Popular VIRTUAL Topic
  • Lessen Loneliness and Boost Belonging Across Generations at Work
    • This has been the most popular topic I have ever offered. The increase in remote working, the growing importance of inclusion, and the need for better wellbeing at work are all reasons to understand and address loneliness at work.

Rest assured, all of my usual topics (working across generations, leading Millennials and Gen Z, future of work, etc.) can all be delivered virtually.

Most Popular VIRTUAL Feature
  • Live Virtual Competitions
    • Every audience member (around the world) competes to win copies of my books. The competition reinforces the learning, gets participants engaged, and is a ton a fun! 
Most Popular VIRTUAL Structure
  • 90 Minutes with Polling and Q&A
    • While it may seem long, audiences are finding the time fly by. Too many virtual presentations and workshops are stale, outdated, and highly ineffective. Mine aren't.
Whether it's 30min or 4 hours, we'll keep your audience or team engaged and learning.

  • Scale of Reach
    • Audiences are enjoying the benefits of being able to conduct a virtual event and immediately increase the reach of their potential audience. The more the merrier!

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Ryan Jenkins



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