How to Manage, Develop, and Engage Millennials at Work

May this new book satisfy your thirst for continuous learning, your itch to remain relevant in a flux workplace, and your hunger to compound your influence by leading the next generation well.

I hope you'll consider picking up a copy of The Millennial Manual. If you do, here is how to use the tool.

How to Read This Book

As the title suggests, this is a manual. A manual is a book of instructions to help you learn a specific subject, which in this case are Millennials.

Much like a car manual, there are different ways to consume the content in this book and you’ll want to keep it in a place for easy reference.

This book does not have to be read linearly (cover to cover). The chapters do not build on each other like a traditional book, therefore, you can jump to specific chapters that are most useful to you. However, the “Generations Overview” section is best consumed linearly.

This book is meant to be a quick reference guide for solving (nearly) all of the challenges managers face when leading Millennials.

Options for reading this book:

  1. Straight through cover to cover. You’ll be a master of Millennials.
  2. Choose the chapters that are most relevant for you. Use the book as your Swiss Army Knife for leading, developing, and engaging Millennials.
  3. Read the “Generations Overview” section linearly and then read the chapters that are most pertinent for you. (This option is recommended as the overview section will provide a helpful foundation and useful context for the rest of the book.)

Happy reading and leading.

Click here to order your paperback copy of The Millennial Manual: The Complete How-to Guide to Manage, Develop, and Engage Millennials at Work.

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