4 Keys When Revising the Company Dress Code for Millennials

In the How to Attract and Retain Millennials With the Right Dress Code we explored the reasons for the continued casualization of the workplace, why companies should rethink their dress code, and the best dress code for a multi-generational workforce (and especially Millennials). In this post, we give you a few keys to consider when revising your company dress code.

4 Keys When Revising the Company Dress Code for Millennials1. Over educate. 

Don't assume Millennials (or any employees) know the difference between casual and business casual. It's up to employers to educate their employees and provide the necessary dress guidelines and examples. The top two most common dress code violations managers see at work are employees dressing too casually (47 percent) and employees showing to much skin (32 percent).

2. Make it simple.
Complexity breeds confusion. Multiple dress code rules and scenarios can be as stifling as the formal dress code you are trying to avoid. Take cue from MassMutual's simple dress guideline of, "Dress appropriately."

3. Geography matters.
Someone in San Francisco, CA might have a different interpretation of business casual than someone in Atlanta, GA. Factor in all locations and seasons when creating an updated dress policy.

4. Start at the top.
Often the dress code is a reflection of the company leaders (especially for small and medium-sized businesses). Ensure each leader buys-in and models the appropriate dress.

"This is always how we've dressed," is not an acceptable answer in today's 21st-century workplace. Revisit your company dress code to ensure it is positioning you for next generation growth and success.

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This article was originally posted on Ryan's Inc.com column, Next Generation Insights.


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