Generation Z (the generation after Millennials) only knows a world that is hyper-connected where by the tap of a smartphone a pair of shoes can be delivered to their doorstep via Uber or a drone in less than an hour. To Generation Z, a phone will be broken if they cannot see the other person on the other end. It’s a brave new world that Generation Z is growing up in.

14 Generation Z Quotes that Expose their Unique and High Tech Lives

To best way to understand how Generation Z is interacting with this new world is to hear it directly from them. Here are 14 quotes from Ypulse, a youth marketing and Millennial research firm, that will help you better understand the behavior and future expectations of the next generation workforce.

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  1. “Whenever I'm bored, I can always find something to do on my phone.”—Male, 17
  2. “I can’t live without my laptop, because I’m enrolled in a virtual school and I have to use it.”—Female, 15
  3. “My goals are to travel and become a founder of an organization to help people.” –Female, 14
  4. “When I turn 14 soon I can get a job if I want and start saving for my first car with that money and the money I make on eBay.” –Male, 13
  5. “For me being ‘cool’ is being myself and having friends who like me for who I am.”—Male, 13
  6. “My must-have tech item for back to school this year was a phone, because I have to stay in contact with my rides, teachers, and coaches. I have to use other peoples' phones. And I always miss out on important info.” –Male, 15
  7. “My friends on social media are new indie bands”—Female, 15
  8. “I follow the news because I want to be aware of the world.” –Female, 15
  9. “YouTube is an ocean of entertainment. No other app can provide as much entertainment as YouTube.” –Male, 18
  10. “My favorite physical store to shop in is thrift stores because I feel that they are unique, and they can change the world.” –Male, 17
  11. “I only watch Netflix.” –Female, 16
  12. “Music is an integral part of my life. A day without music is a bad day.” –Male, 16
  13. “A wedding trend I have noticed is not having a photographer, and just having friends take all the pictures.”—Female, 18
  14. “[For the new school year] I got a new laptop!!! It was the new 2015 MacBook Pro and it is literally my life. I had never had a new computer before but it has seriously changed the way I live.” –Female, 18

Which quote stands out the most to you? 

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