Within the next five to ten years, Generation Z (the post-Millennial generation who are currently 18 years-old and younger) will become the fastest-growing generation in both the workplace and marketplace. They will pack as much change and disruption as the Millennials.

27 Statistics to Help You Secure Generation Z Talent

To begin preparing your organization and workplace for the arrival of a next generation worker, it’s helpful to understanding the upbringing of Generation Z and what they value as they move from backpack to boardroom. Here are a few statistics to help you attract and secure Generation Z talent.

Generation Z and Education

1. 72% of Generation Z want the flexibility to create their own educational experience

2. 67% of Generation Z indicates their top concern is being able to afford college. 

3. 85% of Generation Z believe it’s extremely or very important for colleges to teach students practical skills like financial planning and saving for the future.

4. 79% of Generation Z say colleges should integrate internships and other kinds of experiential learning into education programs.

5. 70% of Generation Z say job placement rates and average salaries are important to consider in choosing a college.

6. 63% of Generation Z want colleges to offer courses in founding and running a business.

7. Only 38% of Generation Z say college is doing a good job preparing them.

8. 89% of Generation Z spend part of their free time in activities they consider productive and creative instead of just “hanging out.”

9. 65% of Generation Z grade level school students will work in jobs that don’t exist today.

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Generation Z and Career

10. Generation Z’s top properties are family, a successful career, and growing and learning new things.

11. 65% of Generation Z are hopeful about the future.

12. 55% of Generation Z say their parents put pressure on them to gain professional experience during their high school years.

13. 62% of Generation Z are open to the idea of joining the workforce instead of pursuing college.

14. 55% of Generation Z believe their standard of living will surpass their parents’ (compared to 71% of Millennials).

15. 83% of Generation Z want to be contacted by future employers through social networking sites regarding work opportunities.

16. 37% of Generation Z fear they won’t find a job that matches their personality.

17. 36% of Generation Z fear they will work in a role that doesn’t allow for development opportunities. 

18. 28% of Generation Z fear they will not fulfill their career goals.

19. 60% of Generation Z say they welcome information about how companies offer education to those with no university degree.

20. 67% of Generation Z say they would choose their course of study based on being “very interested in the subject.”

21. 40% of Generation Z students cited “work-life balance” and “to be secure or stable in my job” as their top career goals. (Other top goals were autonomy, leadership opportunities, dedication to a cause, and the chance to be creative.)

22. 82% of Generation Z reported feeling “open to be contacted by a company regarding work opportunities,” but just 32% reported having received that type of communication in the past. 

23. 59% of Generation Z dislike seeing ads from employers on social media. 

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Generation Z and Entrepreneurship

24. 62% of Generation Z would like to start their own companies rather than work for an established business.

25. In addition to being their own boss, the second most common reason Generation Z would consider starting their own business was to make an impact.

26. 71% of Generation Z expect at least their first business venture to fail but view failure as a learning opportunity.  

27. 60% of Generation Z want their businesses to make a positive impact on their communities.  

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