According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the United States, Generation Z (the post-Millennial generation) makes up 25% of the population, outnumbering Millennials and Baby Boomers. Although Generation Z is only starting to leave high school, they currently make up 25% of all consumer spending and that is expected to grow to 40% within the next decade.

12 Striking Statistics About How Generation Z is Using Technology

Millennials witnessed the introduction and rise of social media, instant messaging, smartphones, search engines, and the mobile revolution. Generation Z did not witness these innovations but rather was born into it. They are a generation that doesn’t remember the events of 9/11 or a world where people aren’t connected to vast amounts of timely, global information and with friends, brands, or celebrities at the touch of a finger.

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Generation Z’s preferred domain is digital. The way they live, play, and eventually work will be shaped by the digital domain.

  1. 70% of Generation Z regularly use their smartphones for photos, texting, and email (in that order).
  2. 84% of Generation Z browses an Internet-connected device while watching TV. 
  3. 76% of Generation Z agree that their experience with technology will help them reach their goals.
  4. 66% of Generation Z agree that technology makes them feel like anything is possible.
  5. Only 43% of Generation Z value the time when they’re unplugged.
  6. 47% of Generation Z say they are more actively connected no than they were three months ago.
  7. 100% of Generation Z are connected for 1+ hours per day, but 46% are connected for 10+ hours per day.
  8. 25% of Generation Z are actively connected (checking email, messages, etc.) within five minutes of waking up while 73% are connected in an hour or less.
  9. 50% of Generation Z spend their free time building new skills, such as graphic design, video production, and app development.
  10. 85% of Generation Z visits YouTube, more than any other social media site.  
  11. 52% of Generation Z play video games for at least one hour per day. 
  12. Over 50% of Generation Z says it’s easier or more convenient to chat digitally.

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Question: How do you anticipate these behaviors to impact your workplace?

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