Brands are clamoring for Millennial attention, companies are striving for Millennial engagement, and leaders are attempting to rise-up the next generation of Millennial leaders. What better way to understand the expanding Millennial viewpoints in each of these categories than by hearing directly from them? Here are 26 Millennial quotes from recent surveys, studies, and research firms that specialize in all things Millennials.

26 Millennial Quotes That Reveal Their Consumer Behavior, Career Aspirations and Leadership Outlook

Consumer Behavior

1) “The last luxury product I purchased was a hand crafted reclaimed wood table from Amish woodworkers.” -Male, 28

2) “My favorite app is Airbnb because I like to travel on a budget.” -Female, 22

3) “Fair trade certified, sustainably harvested and organic ingredients are what influence me to buy health and beauty products.” -Male, 30

4) “I’m not planning to own a home in the future, because I run an online business and can work from anywhere.” -Female, 31

5) “All of my excess disposable income goes to debt payments, no need for a budget.”    -Male, 31

6) “When choosing a restaurant on a typical day I consider reviews.” -Male, 31

7) “My 2016 New Year resolution is stay off the phone more to engage with my child.”   -Female, 26

8) “I like shopping online because I can hunt for deals from the comfort of my home.”  -Male, 27

Career Aspirations and Work/Life Balance

9) “Being a Millennial and trying to adult is wildly disorienting. I can't figure out if I'm supposed to start a non-profit, get another degree, develop a wildly profitable entrepreneurial venture, or somehow travel the world and make it look effortless online.” -Male, 28

10) “Goals I have for myself that my parents didn’t have are traveling, working first and then trying to get married.” -Female, 27

11) "I could tell almost immediately what they were about – that the management really did believe in developing associates and making sure that we get to where we want to go.” -Female, 25

12) "Every job I’ve gotten has been by knowing someone who worked at the company.” -Female, 31

13) "I think the managers I respect the most are the ones that are direct and care about the people that work for them. They have realistic expectations.” -Female, 33

14) "My wife and I are on equal footing with career decisions, with family decisions, so we would talk it out together, and we may pull in our extended family to the decision. If there’s a conflict between work and personal, the personal would always win.” -Male, 23

15) "As long as opportunities keep popping up internally, I will keep taking them. I would rather stay loyal to a company where I have a network of advocates and supporters.” -Female, 35

16) "I select role models and mentors by how they handle different situations. I have a mentor who helps me make hard decisions, another who provides career advice, one who helps with difficult people, and yet another who helps me interface with a different group. I try to combine the best of the best of what I have seen.” -Female, 33

17) "Honestly, I would stay throughout my whole career if I could. The opportunities I’ve been provided, their take on work-life balance, the programs I’ve been able to participate in – it shapes my view of the organization. I have no reason but to be grateful.” -Female, 27

Leadership Outlook (International)

18) “[A leading company] gives its employees a chance to learn and grow. It is capable of making correct but difficult decisions and able to succeed.” -Millennial, U.S.

19) "Today what drives the progress and world evolution is technology, and the advancement of technology is an essential part of any business that wants to succeed.” -Millennial, Colombia

20) "Technology is increasingly changing the way people live. Technological innovation has become the main driving force to promote social progress and development.” -Millennial, China

21) "Because it is an area of constant innovation with a high level of agility. The future is and will always be moved by technology.” -Millennial, Brazil

22) “Great leaders possess dazzling social intelligence.” -Millennial, U.S.

23) "Organizations demonstrate strong leadership by operating on the principle of good governance, coupled with (high) moral and ethical conduct towards stakeholders.” -Millennial, Thailand

24) "Strong leadership is demonstrated by firms who aim for sustainability and innovation, whilst at the same time caring about the company." -Millennial, Italy

25) "Strong leadership companies have the ability to create new jobs for the community and to improve human life.” -Millennial, China

26) "Companies where people look up to and (who) do what is right to serve the communities they are involved in have the strongest leadership." -Millennial, U.S.

Question: Which quote stands out the most to you? 


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