After 3 years, over 150,000 words, and 309 (and counting) blog posts, I was proud to announce my new column on Inc.com. To contribute to a premier business publication that has been so instrumental in the growth of my business is a true honor. It’s also humbling considering I loathed writing.

5 Ways Consistency Can Transform Your Writing (Or Any Other Skill)

As a Millennial, I was taught typing in middle school. I hated it. “Why do I need to learn how to do this?” I thought to myself. Not even Nintendo's Mario Teaches Typing could make typing fun and engaging for me. I’d rather watch movies, play pond hockey, or use a computer for its only true purpose…playing SimCity.

My disdain for writing continued through high school and came to a head when I had to write the infamous college admission essay. My mother dragged me kicking and screaming through the months-long process of drafts, edits, and revisions.

Who knew a 500-word essay could have such a tight death grip on a person’s life. (I should mention I had a lot riding on the essay since my grades were very…"meh.”)

How did someone move from loathing a 500-word essay to voluntarily writing and publishing two 500+ word articles per week? Consistency.

Consistency coupled with passion can transform any amateur into a professional.

Here is how consistency transformed my writing skill and propelled me from a small-time blog to a global platform.

1) Consistent input produces output.

To withdrawal ideas from within you, you must have enough information deposited. My daily routine of reading blogs, magazines, and books has enabled me to produce consistent outputs. My output dips when my input dries up.

2) Consistent practice strengthens skills.

A daily discipline of writing will strengthen the skill. Over 3 years, I’ve been training my writing muscle to produce content twice a week. Today my writing muscle is stronger than ever and is equipped to tackle heavier projects.

3) Consistent scheduling unlocks productivity.

Specific routines provide the necessary mental margin for writers to be creative. And specific deadlines provide the necessary accountability for writers to be productive.

4) Consistent attention transforms perspective.

Beginner writers wrestle with finding their voice. It takes consistent writing to draw out one’s authentic voice. Over the years, paying attention to what content resonates with my audience and what’s top of mind for my clients has helped shape my voice into a relevant, high-value, and credible voice.

5) Consistent courage builds confidence.

Elevated exposure tends to lead to increased criticism. Overcoming objections, winning over critics, and ignoring the killjoys has been key in growing my confidence as a writer. Bouncing back from the opposition with courage builds sustainable confidence.

Question: How has consistency helped you transform a skill?

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