This is a wake-up call. A strong nudge to act and take full advantage of the single greatest time in history to pursue your passion. The Internet is fundamentally the largest culture shift of our time. Entrepreneurship is now practical as there are more opportunities at your fingertips to create something for yourself. New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and serial entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs and explains why it’s not too late to leave your mark. (Warning: strong language during the last minute.)

6 mins for the next 60 years of your life! Why entrepreneurs over 40 years old have to act now!!

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The other day I caught my 3-month-old daughter intently looking at the whiteboard in my office. It was the whiteboard that I track all of my past, current, and potential opportunities. Of course at such a young age, my daughter wasn’t comprehending what she was looking at but I couldn't help but wonder if she could understand what her dad was working on, would she be proud and inspired? Would she be disappointed and embarrassed?

I can’t imagine one day in the future telling her or her future children about the new connected age I lived through and how I watched it pass me by. How I allowed “life” to get in the way. How fear got the best of me. How lack of knowledge resulted in lack of action. How I was too stubborn to adapt and change to the new times.

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I took a picture of my daughter that day looking at my whiteboard of work and I made it the picture on my phone's lock screen. It’s now a daily reminder that the emerging generations are watching, longing to be inspired, and eager to be led to new heights by the decisions, hustle, and action of those that have gone before them. 

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I refuse to let this era pass without my contribution.
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