NGC027 -A Definitive Guide To Developing Millennial Employees With Tim Elmore - Podcast

Episode Overview

In this episode of the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast, we interview sought-after speaker, author and founder and president of Growing Leaders, Tim Elmore, about how to effectively develop your Millennial employees. Tim's insights are highly valuable, relevant, and actionable.

Episode Takeaways

  • Why we have to work hard at overcoming generational differences.
  • A few clever techniques to better understand the Millennial generation.
  • A helpful approach to better connect with your Millennial employees.
  • The power of creating employee engagement with Millennials.
  • The critical role reverse mentoring plays in today's workplace.
  • The new era of "on-demand employees.”
  • How connecting the “little things” to the big picture can empower Millennials.
  • Millennials greatest leadership weakness and their greatest leadership strength.
  • Why future thinking can help you make better decisions.
  • What is the Poet/Gardener Leadership Style.

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