Most managers who see an empty chair at a Millennial’s desk or see them sinking a lot of time into social media while on the job would chalk the behavior up to lazy or lack of focus. I on the other hand would say it’s because the Millennial is underemployed.

4 Ways To Move Millennials From Underemployed To Hyper-Utilized

Being underemployed is similar to when your school teacher considered you a disruption in the classroom because you would finish your homework or test before anyone else and then you would start talking to your peers because you were bored out of your mind.

Being “digital natives,” Millennials will leverage technology, like HR software, and collaborative tools, like social media, to streamline and systemize their work. They can work smart. As long as managers are still managing the input (time) of their Millennial employees vs the output (results) they may be underestimating just how much their Millennial employees can contribute. Do not confuse working smart with laziness.

Here are 4 ways to move Millennials from underemployed to hyper-utilized.

1) Provide examples of satisfactory work.

A clear and relevant example of excellent work is fundamental in aiding employees to achieve hyper-utilization. 61% of Millennials say they need “specific directions from their boss” to do their best work. 


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