Entrepreneur On Fire is a top ranked business podcast that was awarded “Best in iTunes 2013.” Host, John Lee Dumas, interviews today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs 7-days a week. Recently, I was honored to be on the show to share my entrepreneurial journey, insights into my business, and a few success insights. 

My Success Quote
“The secret of your success lies in your daily routine.” John C. Maxwell

My Business Failure
I thought I was going to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk, and a year later, I had a harsh reality check…

My Entrepreneurial Ah-Ha Moment
I sat down one day and reflected on times in my life where I was affirmed for a talent or skill, and that reflection time changed my life.

Current Business
The future excites me. I’m interested to see how the world changes as more and more Millennials begin stepping into leadership roles and begin to mature in their calling.

Small Business Resource
Envato has millions of digital products created by a global community of designers, photographers, illustrators, and producers. They have website templates, pre-written code, stock video footage, music/audio/sound effects, graphics and logos, and stock photos. Perfect resource for bootstrap-res and do-it-yourself-ers such as myself. 

Book Recommendation
Put Your Dream To The Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It by John C. Maxwell accompanied by the interactive guide, My Dream Map.

Parting Advice
Offer your work to the world. I truly believe we rob the world when we decide to play small and neglect to share our unique talent and expertise. We all have unique skill or perspective that can add value to others, and it’s selfish to think otherwise. It’s not about you but rather the people searching for your knowledge or passion. You may not change the world with your work but you can change someone’s world…and that should be enough to get an entrepreneur on fire.

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Question: How do you define success?

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This interview original appeared on Entrepreneur On Fire.


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