Last Thursday on Oct 23, 2014 the Next Generation Catalyst blog turned 2 years old and is celebrating it’s 200th blog post! As any blogger or creative will tell you, it’s tough work to consistently create thanks to the daily battle we rage against our own limiting beliefs.

4 Limiting Beliefs You Need To Shatter To Finally Start A Blog

For every blog post of the 200, I have had to draw my sword and shield in order to slay the inner dragons of doubt and procrastination. I can always count on fear to rear it’s deceiving head every…single...time I sit down to write. 

But I have learned to dance with my fear. To lean into it. I now allow it to serve as my guide for transformative growth. I now understand that my limiting beliefs, the negative voices in my head, and the naysayers are the same of any other blogger or entrepreneur.

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Below are 4 of the limiting beliefs I wrestled with (and still do) as I launched my blog. Gain the courage to launch your blog by shattering these 4 excuses.

1) I don’t have time.
Good, because it’s typically busy people who can prioritize effectively to get stuff done. I wrote in a recent blog post about the power of batching which is a workflow technique where you dedicate blocks of time to execute similar tasks in order to increase focus and productivity. What upcoming projects, industry trends, or skills are you interested in learning about and how could you create a blog to catalog your progress, knowledge, and/or passion?

Decide fast that you are going to start blogging, but journey slow and deliberately. Speed isn’t important but forward progress on a clear path is. And don’t forget to harness the productive power and serenity of the early morning. Waking up 20 minutes earlier is a solid start.

2) No one wants to hear what I have to say.
Perfect, anonymity is a gift when you first start out. Would you want the whole world listening if you picked up a guitar for the first time? Didn’t think so. Use the obscurity as cover to develop your voice and strengthen your content. 

We rob the world when we decide to play small. Be bold and big. Don’t be selfish with your unique experiences, share them with the people searching for your knowledge, expertise, and passion. The world needs your unique reality and you are the only one who can deliver it.

3) I don’t know what to blog about.
Great, start there. Begin blogging about your journey of discovering what to blog about. Expect to pivot and rebrand your blog multiple times. My first vlog (video blog) lasted over a year before I developed Next Generation Catalyst and I fully anticipate rebranding again down the road. That's the name of the game today.

Once you’ve committed to consistent blogging, you’ll be surprised what aspects of your life and learnings will become “blog-able.” The best way to get somewhere is to start. Point yourself in the direction of your goal and take one step.

4) I don’t know how to launch a blog.
That’s fine, because someone else has already demonstrated how to do it for you. Use this step by step screencast to launch a Wordpress blog, or visit Ghost where blogging is as easy as starting a Facebook account, or refer to a previous post where I describe how to use LinkedIn Publishing as a blogging tool. Technology has gotten a lot easier since you’ve been ignoring it. Stop ignoring.

The world of blogging has never offered more leverage to more people than today. What are you waiting for? Stare fear in the eye, refuse to blink, and…start.

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Question: What other limiting beliefs are holding you back from starting a blog?

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