I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the 2014 Youth Marketing Strategy event in New York City. It was a day of all things youth marketing with insights from today’s most iconic brands like Uber, MTV, Instagram, Charity Water, and Spotify. Here are some of the most jaw dropping statistics and statements that are sure to shake up your youth marketing efforts.

Eye-popping Millennial Branding Insights

22 Eye-Popping Statistics And Statements For Better Millennial Branding

  1. 70% of Millennials agree with the statement “Creativity will save us."
  2. Millennials are loyal to your creativity not your brand.
  3. 55% of Millennials value hustle over a MBA.
  4. 72% of Millennials have a real desire to create things that other people love.
  5. Words that best sum up the DNA of Millennials: Creative / Self expressive / Smart / Innovative / Resourceful.
  6. 75% of Millennials believe their generation is starting a movement to change old, outdated systems.
  7. Every $1 spent by Millennials directly influences another $3.50.
  8. Learning a new skill is what makes Millennials most happy. (Shopping is next on the list.)
  9. 85% of 13-29 year olds are loyal to the brands they like.
  10. 84% of 13-29 year olds advocate for product/services that interest them.
  11. 84% of 13-29 year olds reported deciding on their own what to buy, even if someone else pays for the purchase. 
  12. The source of Millennial significance comes from the digital affirmation of others.
  13. 81% of Millennials would be interested in helping a brand or company design a new product.
  14. 69% of Millennials wish that they could create a new product.
  15. Youth believes that being a customer affords them rights as an investor into your brand practices.
  16. 72% of Millennials would rather buy “cool experiences” vs “cool products."
  17. 42% of Millennial respondents indicated that they would purchase the product/brand they like, even if an identical item is “on-sale.”
  18. Millennial consumers consume goods as though they bought them by posting on social.
  19. The 18-22 segment is most receptive to word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendations.
  20. Only 25% of Millennials like buying products/services endorsed by, or using the name of, their favorite celebrities.
  21. 13-17 year old consumers are most receptive to celebrity endorsements.
  22. Millennials do not care about your brand. They care about your story and how you speak to them.

Question: Which statistic or statement is most jarring to you?


Ryan Jenkins



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