Recently I rebranded my presentation slides. As I stumbled around the Internet looking to SlideShare and TED for the right inspiration to take my presentations to the next level, I came across this wonderful gem that exploded my creativity. And I think it can do the same for you.

One Stop Creative Shop

Envato Marketplace is an all-in-one resource to make your next creative project simply stunning. The website houses over 4.5 million digital products created by a global community of designers, developers, photographers, illustrators, and producers. (I’m not an affiliate, just a fan.)

Products include website templates, pre-written code, stock video footage, music/audio/sound effects, graphics and logos, stock photos, and more. Each type of product has it’s own category and library for easy searching and browsing. 

You can pay as you go or load credits for reduced prices on most products. In addition, there are free files available every month to members.

Here are some examples of how you can wow your audiences or clients with a creative make-over with Envato.

How I'm Using Envato

  • Photos: To ensure the photos I use for my blog and presentations are royalty free I have been purchasing my photos through Envato’s Photodune library. The image used above was purchased for $1 on Envato Marketplace. (Range from $1-$10) 
  • Presentation Template: I used Envato’s Graphicriver category to search for “presentation templates" where there are 1,000s of beautiful templates that include charts, icons, color schemes, and fonts that are fully editable. Templates can be compatible with PowerPoint or Keynote. (Range from $12-$35). Below is my presentation transformation.

Envato Presentation Transformation

How I Plan To Use Envato

  • Textures: Background templates to add a new depth to my marketing material. (Range from $2-$11)
  • Infographics: Editable templates to portray a compelling data story to my audiences. (Range from $4-$12)
  • Icons: Pages of similar icons to ensure visuals have a consistency that creates visual harmony in my presentations. (Range from $5-$11)
  • Motion Graphics: Create an engaging video to draw in my audiences. Like this video. (Range from $4-$20)
  • Video Intros: Video to reveal my company logo in a snazzy way at the beginning or end of any video. (Range from $10-$25)
  • Audio: Download music (range from $13-$17) and sound effects (range from $1-$5) to overlay onto video. This ensures the audio is royalty free and I don’t have to keep relying on the same tired iMovie sound effects.

It’s amazing the quality of work and design that is available (for a relatively low price) in today’s digital age. Consider Envato Marketplace to do the heavy lifting of your next creative project so you can get back to what you do best in your business.  

Question: How will you use Envato Marketplace?


Ryan Jenkins



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