Technology and the Internet have created new behaviors and inspired new values that have never existed before. The culprits behind much of today's change are the 80 million strong Millennial generation. The overflow of Millennials into the marketplace have left many leaders, marketers, and organizations scrambling to understand this peculiar generation. Perhaps the below can provide some of that much needed context or at least some laughter. 

You Might Be A Millennial If...

You Might Be A Millennial If…

  1. Using complete sentences is as foreign as the term “Be kind, rewind.”
  2. The restroom stall is your go-to venue to Candy Crush.
  3. Your best test for marriage compatibility is being given a laptop with a slow Internet connection and seeing how you handle yourselves.
  4. Getting “Vine famous” is a career strategy. 
  5. You consider anonymous blog commenting a pastime.
  6. "Online poker champion" is found anywhere on your resume.
  7. You are considering wearing a watch only to receive text messages.
  8. The text of your email fits in the subject line.
  9. You’ve never been inside a bank. #SnapDeposit
  10. You use “I’ll blog about this” as a threat to get what you want.
  11. You used a comma once…on accident. 
  12. You’ve been a certified Sim City architect since 1989.
  13. You weren’t alive when Yahoo was only something cowboys said.
  14. You’re kids will ask you why you carried sharp, jagged pieces of metal called keys in your pockets.
  15. You’re in disbelief that you finally sided with a parent in a Tumblr rant.
  16. The only access to a library you’ve had is through your iTunes music library.
  17. You shop at a thrift store and sing about it. #Macklemore
  18. You’d rather keep up with the Kardashians than the Joneses.
  19. The closest you get to playing outside is live tweeting with the cast of Parks and Recreation.
  20. You interpret “employee engagement” as two co-workers who decided to get married.
  21. You spiraled into a quarter life crisis upon the removal of Flappy Bird.
  22. You’ve considered gaming as an IRL career.
  23. You’ll pull a Ferris-Bueller's-Day-Off just to view the new TMNT movie on opening day.
  24. You’ve bruised your face while night-texting in bed.
  25. (GASP) You liked a Facebook status before realizing it was one of your parent’s friends.
  26. You use "House of Cards binge-watching and can’t get out of bed” as an excuse to skip work. 
  27. Company loyalty is as rare as you making a phone call. 
  28. Your Facebook feed is nothing but new baby pics and marathon runners.
  29. The classic rock station is now playing your high school playlist.
  30. You used to preface everything with “But first, let me take a selfie.”

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Question: What Millennial-isms would you add to the list?


Ryan Jenkins



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