It's that time again...for some a trip down memory lane and others a better understanding of the largest generation on the planet. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for additional context around the Millennial (Generation Y) generation.
You Might Be A Millennial If
You Might Be A Millennial If...
  1. Reddit is your primary source for news.
  2. You have Instagram'd your text messages
  3. You are in your manager's office more than in your own cubicle.
  4. Someone yells "Flying V!" and you rally.
  5. You think paper books are adorable.
  6. You won't read articles longer then 500 words or don't include video or GIFs.
  7. LinkedIn is your rolodex.
  8. You've never gotten newspaper link on your fingers.
  9. The new FAA lift on in-flight use of personal devices doesn't apply to you because you never turned your devices off anyways.  
  10. "Oldies" music = Nirvana.
  11. You consider the Internet rather than teachers or parents as the authority.
  12. You consistently go outside the chain of command to pitch an idea to an executive instead of your own manager.
  13. You wrote and mailed a letter asking Zach Morris to your prom.
  14. At lunch, you daydream about launching your own business with a Kickstarter campaign.
  15. You ever proudly rocked a pair of Umbro shorts.
  16. Podcasts are quickly replacing reading as your primary form of learning.
  17. You wonder daily why you have to show up to a physical workplace.
  18. You use Zillow as your official real estate agent.
  19. An Apple a day truly does keep the doctor away. #DeviceAddiction
  20. You thought the world was going to end on 11/18/13 at 5:25pm ET when YouTube was down for 30 minutes.
  21. You've considered on numerous occasions to forge a doctors note to stay home from work to play Call of Duty: Ghosts.
  22. You blur the lines between "cheating" vs "collaborating" in school.
  23. You will share just about any personal information online if it means the service will be free.
  24. Mario taught you typing. #MarioTeachesTyping
  25. Your encyclopedia has always been a wiki online.
  26. 9 to 5 jobs seem more like a guideline than a rule.
  27. You consider email as outdated as snail mail.
  28. Your networking consists of clicks.
  29. You know how to write code but not cursive.
  30. Your favorite TV channel is a YouTube channel.
Question: What else indicates you might be a Millennial?


Ryan Jenkins



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