I am still dumbfounded by how many people continue to discount the power of social media and by those still trying to "weather the storm" of technology. Stop treating today's innovations like a "drunk uncle" and begin treating it like your child.
SNL's Drunk Uncle
(My favorite "drunk uncle" is the one portrayed on SNL. Click here for the video.)
I recently read a story about a doctor in the jungle who was forced to do surgery on his young son without anesthesia. The question was if the son would look at his father's scalpel with horror or with trust. The answer depends on the relationship between the doctor and his son.
Relationships matter - big time! 
How would you describe your relationship with technology and social media? Are they your "drunk uncle," where you try to distant yourself at any chance you get, denying any relationship and can't seem to ever understand it? Or do you have a parent to child relationship (where technology/social media is the child - of course) and you are involved, invested and committed?
If you don't have a relationship with technology or social media...meaning you don't ask questions, learn about it and interact with it on a daily basis...than how do you expect to feel favorable towards it? How can you expect to have a healthy relationship if you are not involved? Aren't great relationships solidified by giving of oneself? Like the son of the doctor in the jungle, without a close relationship, you will look at the tool (the scalpel or technology and social media) with great horror.
With that said, keep in mind…over involvement (much like parenting…so I've heard) can hinder the relationship, making one party dependent on the other. And in this case, since social media has no soul, you - the human - become the dependant one. Strike the right balance for you. Tomorrow doesn't matter, start today. 
Start treating today's innovations like your child.
  • Nurture it.
  • Protect it.
  • Instruct it.
  • Monitor it.
  • Play with it.
  • Enjoy it.
  • Believe in it.
Much like the doctor and son in the jungle, I hope you cultivate an intimate relationship with technology and social media before you need to count on it for survival. Commit today and everyday moving forward to nurture your relationships with tomorrow's technology. 
Question: How will you further your knowledge of technology today?


Ryan Jenkins



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