Have you ever had a virtual accountability partner that kicks your rear into gear? No? Well, now you can…meet Carrot.
Overall I give this app a 5 out of 5!
This app could prove to be your next generation catalyst to crushing your hefty to-do list. I have been using the iPhone Carrot app for over 2 months and freakin' LOVE IT! Most of the to-do apps I've tried have all fell short and were ultimately abandoned within a few days. My "Write review of Carrot app" to-do was long overdue and I hope to achieve Level 51 with this post.
What is it?
Carrot is the world's first to-do list with a personality. This app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Sorry Android-ers.
iTunes Preview & Download (This is not an affiliate link…I'm just a fan sharing the love!)
Cost: $0.99
What makes it effective?
  • The app's infrastructure is seamless. Very responsive and it's minimalist format allows the to-do list to be front and center.
  • Carrot has duel personalities. Keep Carrot happy by conquering stuff in real life. It's kinda like if a Digi Pet mated with a to-do list. Consistently complete tasks and get encouraged with messages like "boom shaka laka" and "eye of the tiger baby!" Neglect to complete tasks and watch Carrot turn angry and jab you with insults like "you have done nothing for 1 day" or get taunts like "they are coming…" It's just enough of a nudge to get you back to doing.
  • The app leverages gamification. You gain points every time you complete a task. Get enough points to level-up and unlock:
      • App Upgrades: Ability to undo, rearrange items, sync with Siri, point booster, schedule tasks and mood extender to just name a few.
      • Useless Facts: "Binary code '01101101 011000001' is how you say 'mantes' in binary code. I'm sure you'll find that useful one day."
      • Randoms: Compliments, mini-games, jokes, unlock food to feed your awarded digital cat pet named Sludge (sooo random but absurdly fun and addicting).
The quirkiness, playfulness, usefulness and unexpectedness of the app is the reward for real productivity and keeps the users engaged and wanting to be productive.
Befriend Carrot today and punch laziness in the face.
Question: What mobile apps help you not suck at life? 


Ryan Jenkins



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