"With the advent of radical and accessible technology, each one of us, for the first time in history, is creating an influential mark forever - we are all mini-digital celebrities and heroes to someone." ~Erik Qualman, author of Digital Leader: 5 Simple Keys to Success and Influence 
Digital Leader Book by Erik Qualman
Erik is an international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, professor and #1 best selling author on digital trends, motivation and leadership. In 2010, his book Socialonmics was a Book of the Year finalist. His Social Media Revolution 2011 video has gained over 1,100,000 views on YouTube. Erik is a true digital leader. He embodies everything he teaches in his latest book...I know because I've emailed and tweeted him and he responds promptly and infuses all the techniques he teaches in his book. Absolutely refreshing! 
Overall I give the book a 5 out of 5! 
The first perfect book review! There is an urgency in today's marketplace for a new era leader to rise and this book nails the traits our future leaders need. Erik leverages relevant real-life examples and coaches his readers on best practices to stay productive and lead thru the digital chaos.
Overview of What You Will Learn
5 keys of digital leadership from the acronym STAMP (referring to your personal stamp on your life and others):
  • Simple: in a digitally paced world success is dependent on simplification.
  • True: your unique digital DNA is what makes you interesting to others.
  • Act: more experimentation is crucial in our digitally paced environment.
  • Map: be firm in your destination but flexible with your path. 
  • People: teams are the only way to solve problems in a global, interconnected world.
6 Next Generation Takeaways
  1. Word-of-mouth is now world-of-mouth.
  2. Post-it-forward is the new pay-it-forward.
  3. If you truly want a life that inspires, you need to change your leadership habits to adapt to the new digitally open wold.
  4. Your digital footprint reminds you, in real-time, how you are living your life.
  5. The golden rule of treating others as you'd like to be treated still applies in the digital world.
  6. Technology has made the cost and risk of starting a business or endeavor much smaller than previously.
Favorite Book Quotes
"Life, leadership and legacy are an inseparable trinity."
"If we dislike change but it is all around us, we are on a direct path to frustration."
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Question: How do you practice digital leadership? 


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