Rory Vaden, NY Times Bestselling Author of "Take The Stairs", recently taught me about the fascinating behaviors of the cow and the buffalo. We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing these two creatures responses to storms.
Cow vs Buffalo
Growing up in Colorado, I could expect 99% of the storms to begin in the west and roll over the majestic Rocky Mountains and then head east. Additionally, Colorado is one of the few places on Earth that has both Cows and Buffalos.
When cows sense there is a storm coming from the west, they will run east, away from the storm. As we all know, cows are not the fastest animals in the kingdom and so the storms eventually catch up to the cows while they are still running east. The cows actually end up running WITH the storm and inevitably prolong the agony and pain of being in the storm. 
Us humans do the same thing, huh? Except our storms are storms of change where it is raining social media, thundering technology and lightening new generations. We get overwhelmed and choose to run away from change. We run and cling to the hope that our current skills and knowledge will outpace the looming and inevitable storm at our back.
Buffalos have a very different response to storms. They wait for the storm to crest over the Rocky Mountains and then they run west INTO the storm. By running towards the storm they run thru it and minimize the time they have to deal with the storm.
We don't get to choose if we get storms or when change will occur. But we do get to choose how we react to storms of change. Change is inevitable but our development thru change must be intentional. Gain a mindset like the buffalos and lean into and embrace the storm so that you become better equipped to weather the next storm, trend, or change.
Get BUFF…alo-ing and persist thru change.
Question: How do you typically respond to storms of change? How can you be more buffalo-like? 


Ryan Jenkins



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