In honor of Valentine's Day, here are 5 ways to get Millennials to ask your brand to "be mine?"
5 Ways to Have Millennials Fall In Love With Your Brand:
1) Don't be afraid to get wacky. 
@Skittles tweets are out of this world. They are so hilariously wacky, it keeps you coming back for more. They are serving their 60,700 followers with entertaining off-the-wall tweets, twit pics and videos.
Here are a couple to wet your palate:
"Never get a timeshare condo with a time traveler. They're going to end up with all the good weekends."
"No matter where I eat Skittles in this room, that pirate painting seems to be watching me."
2) Crowdsource. 
Doritos won big when they once again decided to crowdsource (put in the hands of the public) the creation of their Super Bowl commercials. This is a great way to engage your target audience and create buzz as fans vote and share the videos across the social web. Both Super Bowl commercials ended up in the top 5!
3) Appeal to a bigger cause.
Look no further than Toms Shoes. Also, the rise of social entrepreneurship among Millennials is proof that communicating the bigger cause is critical to win them over.
4) Be hilarious. 
Old Spice has capitalized on the YouTube Generation by marrying sheer hilarious-ness with visual wonderment in many of their TV & online ads. 
5) Make it visual. 
With picture and video sharing social networks like Instagram and Vine on the rise, brands have a unique opportunity to connect creatively through visuals. 
Here are 2 recent brand wins that leveraged visuals during sport's biggest stage:
Oreo shared this pic over Twitter and Instagram during the Super Bowl power outage: Click here 
Calvin Klein also shared this Vine video during the power outage: Click here 
Closing thought…why is it that we love our parents? Most would say because they first loved us. For next generation success, extend your brand's love first by utilizing the above techniques and wait for the Millennial's love to be reciprocated.
Question: What brands do you love? And why?


Ryan Jenkins



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