Google has gamified search!
A Google A Day is a new game that allows you to score points by cracking questions using Google search techniques.

Certainly brings a new meaning to Google-proof trivia.
Brilliant branding move by Google as so many people love a good puzzle or trivia game and Google gets users to use their platform to engage in this new experience.
What A Google A Day teaches us about:
1) Gaming
A Google A Day awards virtual badges and offers power-ups to incentivize users to search more. You can collaborate with your Google+ friends by posting your scores and track them via leader-boards. We will see more and more and more of our everyday activities begin to become gamified in 2013. It's a unique way to offer increased engagement, immediate feedback and collaboration. 
2) Better Searching
Google is using this game as a way to teach users how to search better through the discovery of new tricks to search more effectively. As online information compounds it becomes increasingly important to develop the skill of effective search. There's mega value in quickly finding credible resources that provide the needed answer while filtering out the unnecessary noise.
3) Learning 
Google has always thrived on the curiosity of humanity. And there are few questions that go unanswered on today's world wide web. This game provides a format that enables people to learn more. The questions may seem meaningless but inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. 
The better you become at searching and filtering the endless amounts of data, the more equipped you will be to thrive in the next generation. Try it to allow search to become your next generation catalyst because A Google A Day keeps your ignorance away.
Question: How will you exercise your search muscle to enhance this next generation skill?



Ryan Jenkins



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